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Title: Need  Land Cleared- Help need advice and direction
Post by: bud1 on September 04, 2001, 06:04:12 PM
I would like 5 or so acres of trees cleared on my property. I have fourteen acres-some clear,some not. The areas I would like cleared vary. About 1 acre (dense mature hardwood-4 to 20" dia.) will be cleared with a few left standing.Other areas will be thinned and cleared and have small saplings.Other areas need thinning and clearing and are dense to thin with 1" to 15" dia. trees. I am guessing around five acres. How do I go about getting an estimate for this project?( do I measure the areas and have clearing contractor adj for density and size of trees instead of a flat rate per acre?What is the going rate per acre for this work I need? I would like the stumps removed (buried on my prop or ground by machine) and all tops chipped.Do loggers harvest for pulp material?(Most of the trees will be 2- 12" in dia and I suspect this is not large enough for sawmill harvest).How long would this take to complete? I live in Thumb of Michigan.I see a few logging companies are listed on this site- are there any that have been used by anyone?(referral)      Thank you for your time and help.....its greatly appreciated                  bud
Title: Re: Need  Land Cleared- Help need advice and direc
Post by: timberbeast on September 04, 2001, 07:56:37 PM
I'd try to find a forester in the area to consult.  You may make a bit on the deal,  if there is a small logging operation around.  If it's easy to get to,  a bigger company may make a swing through.  I'm not familiar with your area,  so have nothing else I can offer,  sorry!
Title: Re: Need  Land Cleared- Help need advice and direc
Post by: Ron Scott on September 05, 2001, 10:25:33 AM
You should contact the local Conservation  District Forester, Michigan DNR Service Forester, or a professional Consulting Forester serving your area.

Discuss your land management plan and objectives with them for the best management recommendation. They can provide references for the needed timber harvesting and/or land clearing contractor.

What county are you located in?