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Started by Peter Drouin, September 14, 2023, 05:50:17 AM

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Ron Wenrich

Some people think that anyone with a scale stick is a thief.  I've seen foresters who underscale so their selling prices are higher.  Others overscale to present more volume than is actually there.  Loggers can sort out which is which and bid accordingly. 

Some think lumber buyers that buy grade lumber will beat you with a grade stick.  In some respects, its true.  Good graders will tell you they'll be lenient on grade when markets are demanding more wood.  When markets are tight, they tighten up on grade.  I've graded lumber and on several loads I graded it before it left the mill.  I could then see how the buyer graded the same lumber.  I had one load I sent to a local mill that I had worked at.  The first load was off $50.  They asked who inspected the lumber.  The next load was off $500.  It was the last load.

The one mill I scaled logs for had their own grading requirements.  Prices varied due to length, diameter and defect.  If a log was perfect, but under sized, it dropped in grade.  The #3 logs were priced to keep them out of the mill stream.

If I was a logger, I would count how many logs are on the load, and look to see how many the mill counted.  Mistakes can be made.  A constant mistake would seem intentional.  I would also scale a load and see how consistent it is.   I think its the only way a logger can judge whether they want to do business with a mill or not. 

Never under estimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


I'd imagine he's going to run into the problem that he thinks he has at other mills. With all the different sorts the buyers have around here and the lack of sorting room I usually have, I just camp run everything and it's really hard to tell sometimes. But.. the checks don't lie.


Anybody in the wood business is a thief, just ask around. We are the ones that stole 1/2" off every 2x4 in Home depot. We will also short cord you on firewood. Twice I have been told by 'loggers' how to saw fence line logs without hitting metal. Also how to make money on boxing the shake on hemlock.  I should of told them how to change lot lines and knock off car faces .

Gary Davis

the mills around here round under

Peter Drouin

He called me and must have apologized 10 times after getting my letter.
Wants to sell me logs,   ::)
Told him I'd think about it :D :D :D :D
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Bruno of NH

He wants to sell you logs because your scale is better than the big mill  :D
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Might not be the first time the logger has ruined his business relationships.  
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