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Forestry and Logging / Re: Im in another pickle with Big Bob

« Last post by Bruno of NH on Today at 04:42:23 PM »
Seems like you been pretty busy for quite some time. Why donít you replace it instead of jacking around with something constantly breaking down 🤷‍♂️
I'm working on some business deals that will add to my sawing. I'm going to have to invest in a couple more pieces of sawing equipment for that.
Big Bob will have to wait.
I want a small wheel loader .
I will need to save much more money. 
FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! / Re: Veggie Garden 2021

« Last post by SwampDonkey on Today at 04:23:26 PM »
Leftover and aged cukes. :-\ I bet I could fill a barrel, there are 2 other patches. ;D

#11 Sam Hubbard for scale on the bigger ones. ;)

Chainsaws / Re: 592XP and 585 Huskys

« Last post by Spike60 on Today at 04:21:31 PM »
@Spike60 itís better than nothing ::)
Didn't mean to infer I was griping about the bars being old. I opened them up and smiled when I saw they were the older bars; the new graphics are kind of lame IMO.  :D
Firewood and Wood Heating / Re: Wood splitter design

« Last post by JoshNZ on Today at 04:15:44 PM »
The wooble end could be turned and keyed or have a lovejoy rollpinned on.  

The case drain port can be tapped for NPT drain or plugged and tapped elsewhere for better location.  Make it work.
The trouble is oil leaks past that drive link (intentionally so) so that both ends of the drive link are lubricated (the drive link being that wobbling shaft). The case drain picks up from the outboard side of the motor. So I could couple to the end of that drive link with a universal joint but I would then have to build a case around that coupling. Then I'd have to seal between the case I'd made and the shaft, which means I'd need to support it with bearings too.

I could just couple to that shaft and grease manually but it would forever drip oil.

I'd love to make something work because it is the perfect RPM and more torque than I'll ever need but I think it's a deep deep rabbit hole lol.
Chainsaws / Re: 592XP and 585 Huskys

« Last post by Tacotodd on Today at 04:15:08 PM »
@Spike60 itís better than nothing ::)
Chainsaws / Re: 592XP and 585 Huskys

« Last post by Spike60 on Today at 04:13:06 PM »
you got to keep enough bars to your number of powerheads
Yeah, I normally would never get upside down like that. Got all these backorders out there and you figure that at some point, they will start showing up. But I did get those 20" 009's from that place that had some old stock. Older sleeve and graphics, so they've been around a while. 
Chainsaws / Re: stihl 500 i

« Last post by Tacotodd on Today at 04:11:31 PM »
@zippski this might not have any bearing on your particular problem BUT on my brand new saw of another brand/model the fuel filter was clogged after 3 tanks. I replaced it & ALL was good at that point. Inexpensive and worth a shot.
Forestry and Logging / Re: Daily Fabrication Thread

« Last post by beenthere on Today at 04:10:54 PM »
Both local to you?  Or have to send them out?
Forestry and Logging / Re: Daily Fabrication Thread

« Last post by Jkauffman on Today at 03:35:49 PM »
Hey just thought Iíd post a follow up about my dozer.I found a company to reline my brake bands for 300 each (Ceco friction products) and also replaced the fiber discs in the steering clutches for 250 each (from Kent Baugh equipment)Just thought Iíd let yíall know in case somebody wants to know where to get parts for a small komatsu dozer 8)
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Timbery Sawmill orders

« Last post by kevin5055 on Today at 03:34:20 PM »
Just wait; every manufacturer is having issues and really long wait times.  I have a mill on order that was supposed to be complete mid-July.  It was built, but they couldn't get the engines to complete them.  I just now received an engine serial number and notification it is supposed to be shipped on Monday.  

Tons of stuff is like that.  I put off buying a couple sheets of 3/4" oak plywood for a couple projects.  It only went up from about $50 to $60 when 2x4's were selling for $8.  Well I put it off and had a heck of a time finding it recently.
Forestry and Logging / Re: Can this safely be cut down?

« Last post by sumpnz on Today at 03:17:03 PM »
I donít know how well it would work, but I like the shotgun idea. ;D
Tannerite and a round sufficient to set it off would be fun.  Probably would get me in more trouble than it would be worth though.
FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! / Re: Breakfast for Supper

« Last post by doc henderson on Today at 03:12:51 PM »
most of my ancestors died of COPD and lung cancer from smoking.  no dementia.  my HDL is about mid thirties and my internist said, "I really do not know what to do with it".  my total cholesterol is not high, but my good to bad ratio is low.  so no meds for now, try to eat right.  if i developed diabetes and high blood pressure, i might do meds to try to prevent heart attack and stroke from every direction.  my grandmother had a stroke but was overweight, DM, HTN and in those days, getting a blood sugar under 300 was good.  she continued to eat what she wanted.  she loved food and said she would rather be dead.  eat well, work hard, sleep good.  try to enjoy life (harder these days with covid and politics).  At least if you are doing the things you want to do, if you go early, you can have few regrets.  god bless all.  
Forestry and Logging / Re: Office views

« Last post by Walnut Beast on Today at 03:08:01 PM »
In a patriotic way 👍
Forestry and Logging / Re: Im in another pickle with Big Bob

« Last post by Walnut Beast on Today at 03:05:31 PM »
Seems like you been pretty busy for quite some time. Why donít you replace it instead of jacking around with something constantly breaking down 🤷‍♂️
Forestry and Logging / Re: Office views

« Last post by newoodguy78 on Today at 02:53:41 PM »


 Putting in cover crops last night 
Health and Safety / Re: Hard hat, chainsaw gloves and saw pants?

« Last post by SawyerTed on Today at 02:35:48 PM »
I'm a little late to this one.  Grits have saved my life on several occasions. :D  One memorable time was after a temporary 8 month self imposed exile to the great Pacific Northwest city of Seattle.  In 1982 they didn't have grits there nor did anyone there have any idea what pimento cheese is.  I resorted to making my own pimento cheese but never milled my own grits.  Anyway they served grits for breakfast on the plane from Atlanta to Charlotte on the last leg of my return flight.  Between the grits and the gorgeous flight attendant with a beautiful Southern drawl, I was revived (we actually dated a few times)!

As for chainsaw PPE, always to safety glasses, yes always to a hard hat when doing work in the woods and most other times, yes always hearing protection and chainsaw chaps almost always.  Gloves only when it is cold.  In the late 1980's, during my early weekend warrior days, I suffered through a chainsaw kickback that cut my left shin into the bone.  The cut was ghastly and the subsequent surgery and infection were no picnic.  While I am certain I ate grits while recovering, I don't recall them with the same vividness as that flight from Atlanta 
Sawmills and Milling / Re: Mighty mite 1986?

« Last post by Mainecoast on Today at 02:34:23 PM »
So your ball valve screws into the manifold? And then a speed control? 

Iíd assume I should plug my speed control port. And run my speed control to the other side of the manifold (return line from the pump) 

I spoke to mighty mite a few times and really like John. Heís always very helpful. 

I was curious if you could send pictures of the ball valve and rubber bumpers for the blade. 

I recently creased a blade a little. Can you still run them after? It also broke one tooth off but other than that the blade is brand new. 
Forestry and Logging / Re: couple pics... post what your currently cutting

« Last post by ehp on Today at 02:26:38 PM »
ya no humble cuts here , first the stump has to be low and that is the way they want it done . Up where I'm from now they want you to cut for 2 solid weeks falling timber before they will pass you after you take the classes . It's for sure a part of the job that is die fast . It's very hard to find a good timber cutter . 
Firewood and Wood Heating / Re: Wood Burning Stoves Question

« Last post by Iwawoodwork on Today at 02:08:54 PM »
Mike B a few houses caught on fire and /or burned down some times the family with it, so safety rules were developed,  I know that they are a pain in the tail feathers for many of us.
Forestry and Logging / Re: Daily Fabrication Thread

« Last post by mudfarmer on Today at 01:49:51 PM »
Moving dump body from one rusty beater to another and trying to eliminate some of the "rusty" and "beater".. A fool's errand at best, which makes me feel right at home  ;D

HK the clean steel dust tastes so much better in the back of your throat after a full day than rust. I am not the safest, bunch of ppe but often don't bother or remember while doing this kind of shop (outside in dirt) work. Ear plugs safety glasses and or face shield about it. Have been trying and sometimes succeeding to at least use a bandana. Some kind of dumb subconscious rebellion after 12hr shifts w/ respirator. At least this old shop jacket doesn't catch fire easy or the job would never get done.
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