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Where to buy timber framing tools

Started by Qweaver, January 31, 2006, 09:00:40 AM

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Most of the timber is sawn, sticked and stacked and maybe now I can spend the rest of the winter cutting joints in the dry relative warmth of the lumber shed.  So now I need to buy some tools.  I have a good selection of regular carpentry tools but I'll need many timber framing specific tools.  Is there a comprehensive source?  This probably the only timber framing project that I'll do so I'll need good tools but with an eye to keeping costs down.  My wife is starting to question the economics of cutting our own wood to build our house as she takes inventory of all of my new "toys"  Where should I look?
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You are at the right place. Jim Rogers the moderator for Timber Framing/ Log Construction usually has a good selection of quality tools at a fair price. He recently posted an update to what is for sale. Check with him.

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Bailey's (sponser on the left) also has a decent supply of tools.



I bought most of my tools from the Shelter Institute/Wood Butcher Tools when I attended one of their week long timber framing classes.  They are good on most prices and a little high on others.  But, I found them to be very good people to deal with.  It's a family run business.



  Better yet keep your tools simple.  A good slick, 1 1/2 chisel, corner chisel and a jap saw.  You can bore your holes by making many 3/4 bores so a large bit and drill are not really needed.  I have one of them 16 inch circle saws that Joey Lowe calls the "saw from hell" but that is a lot of coin.  The other basic tools you have will help.
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In addition to the specialty places, don't forget about other places like eBay and HomeDepot.   But it depnds on what you're looking for, of course. 

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