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Peter Drouin:
I have none, Maybe a hand full I've seen in the yard.
Last year I had a bunch. Hummingbirds-- I have 2, last year I had 10+
Just asking how there are where you live.

Chuck White:
They seem to have thinned out in this area too!

Used to have so many we couldn't figure out "how many", this year I don't think I've see 2 at the same time!

This is unusual!

We had 3 at the same time last year, but usually 1 & 2. Iíve seen 2, but at different times, might have been the same 1. 

Donít know and didnít think about it until I saw this thread. say_what

We feed the birds all summer, no difference in the amount that eat black oil sunflower seeds.
But no Baltimore orioles this year. Last year I had to get another feeder because I would get 2 at one time.

Chuck White:
We have lots of Orioles here, so far, I've gone through 3 jars of grape jelly!


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