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I'd like to buy a bandsaw mill. I'm on sort of a limited budget and would rather come in under 10K, but would be willing to go as high as 15k. I'm really only milling for personal use stuff. I currently use my chainsaw mill a lot for 3+ ft stuff and dont really touch anything under that, so I dont mind not having hydraulic lifting capability on the mill. The mill also doesn't HAVE to be on a trailer, but would prefer either that or something that can be broken down and reassembled in a few hours.

Would prefer something used, to cut down on price some, but if I cant find something used, what would you guys suggest? I'm really only familiar with Woodmizers. Again, I dont mind a little work, but would prefer something that pulls itself through the log (I get enough pushing with my chainsaw mill). Other than that I dont mind using a cant hook and/or rigging up a winch or two to load logs with. I've kinda been eyeing the LT15. What do the other companies offer that is comparable...and are their comparable models cheaper or more expensive?

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If you are cutting that wide go for lt15 wide

Pushing a head is not that hard. I've been pushing my for years. A  sharp blade and it pushes easy. 
Now I know some have a rope on it, so the mill will so call auto feed, gives you time to stack lumber while the mill is cutting.

WV Sawmiller:

   For clarification is that logs that are 3' diameter or 3' long? You mentioning weight not being a problem makes me think you are cutting short logs because 3' diameter logs are heavy! If you are cutting short "logs" you might want to double check the mills clamping design. Clamping short stuff presents its own special challenges. I know my mill is much happier clamping an 8' log vs a 4' one.

I should have been more clear with my post. I use my chainsaw mill for everything above 3 ft in diameter, and cut live edge slabs. I'd like a sawmill so I can cut logs that are smaller than 3 ft in diameter into lumber (currently I just stockpile logs under 3 ft and pay people to mill them for me).

thecfarm, I dont mind pushing as it will be much easier than pushing my chainsaw mill, but I'd like something that doesnt require pushing so my dad doesn't have to push when he is using it.


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