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I've added a few cheap cameras from wally world this summer.  Lots of moose, deer and bears.
One coyote. A couple of pics were from last year. 3 different bears.  A small bear showed up today.  A Moose visited the garden in July.  

MH, many of them critters are intimidating due to their sheer size. Nice action shots, even if they are slow. Makes me dream about being in the woods again 👍😮‍💨


Ron Scott:
Good photo capture location!

Nice critters. I've always talked of putting one of them cameras up, but never have. Some day. ;)

There is a YouTube series called "The Log".
A guy in Pennsylvania has a camera capturing animals crossing a log over a creek.

I just set up over a Balsam Fir that fell across our creek.  Hope to be as productive as this guy.  I took all the branches off to make it easy for them to cross.  This was before removing the branches and the second log that had fallen to the left of it.  I'll call it critter log for now.

The critter log - YouTube


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