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Fishing in Ontario

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firefighter ontheside:
I'm fairly excited.  I'm planning a trip to Eagle Lake in Ontario next summer.  I've been there many times, but not in about 7 years.  I first went there when I was 13 and so my oldest will be overdue, because he will be 15 next summer.  My youngest will be 11 when we go.  The thing is that the younger one likes to fish more than the older one.  We decided to invite the older one's best friend and his dad.  The friend is
really into fishing.  Reservations are made.  I can't wait.  This would be me 34 years ago.


You are doing something very special for those boys.  Memories are forever.  

Exactly my words. :)

firefighter ontheside:
I hope they enjoy it as much as I did my first time going.  Thanks guys.

Fishing with kids of all ages makes it all worthwhile, even for old kids like me.  

Of course, down here in Alabama, we dont have any of those funny looking trout here.  


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