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Outdoor wood furnace

Started by dewwood, June 15, 2003, 06:18:14 PM

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We have been looking at outdoor wood furnaces and I was wondering if anyone has comments either positive or negative about any particular brand and why.  We are looking to heat our home and shop.  

Any input would be appreciated.

Selling hardwood lumber, doing some sawing and drying, growing the next generation of trees and enjoying the kids and grandkids.


Dewwood, go with a Hardy out side wood and coal, there all stainless steal. I've had mine for 8 yrs and no problems.


I've got one of Central Boilers units. 6 years old and still working as it did day one. They have combination furnaces out now that I may upgrade to eventually. Then maybe I can go away for a couple days in the winter :(
Apparently they are the most efficient furnace on the market so far. They offer stainless as well I believe.
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Have you thought of building your own? It can't be all that hard to build a fire under a pot of water and pump it through a radiator with a fan behind it. If you're handy with a welder, you could save thousands. :)
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I have a neighbor who did build one. He used two propane tanks, one inside the other.The thing does work,looks kind a funny though!

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I 've been looking at them to i went to a woodsmans show where ther was about 8 or 10 diferant companies displaying and central boiler looks to be the best one to clean or service. they all are in about the same price range some have nicer features than others so before you buy look at more than one or two


My Central boiler has been great.    8)   I even run it all summer to heat my domestic hot water.
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   I'm real familiar with(everyday) a Babcock & Wilcock three drom watertube lowpressure vessel,capable of eighty thousand pounds of steam per hour at 165# on the gaugr,hafta use a CAT loader to fire it .Might be a bit much for home usehuh?
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