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Outdoor wood furnace

Started by JRC, October 28, 2004, 07:32:17 PM

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Does anyone know if there are any outdoor wood furnaces on the market that are set up to automaticlly feed with chips or shavings. It seems I saw one a couple years ago in a farm magazine that was designed to use corn, that may work with chips or shavings. It would be much easier chip my waste and automaticlly feed than to cut, stack and have to fire up. Iy's gonna get COLD :(  before long.


Run a Google search on Outdoor Wood Furance.

I saw several that had options for auto feeding.

I do not remember the name of the companies.  
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In my research for wood burners to heat a kiln I ran across this company and talked to their representative.   "Conifer sawdust burner" is under "New Products" at the top of their opening web page.  I ended up going with an outdoor boiler as I was unsure whether I would have enough sawdust to fire their burner.  Am not sure if this is what you want but it's an idea and a place to start.  
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