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Beginner 24x40 in Southern Vermont

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5Aug2022 Introduction.
Hi everyone. I'm about to begin my solo build of a 24x40 Pavilion/Carport and would like to chronicle the build and ask for questions/comments here. I am a beginner, worked with construction and remodeling a lot of my 59 years and this is something I've been wanting to do for a long time. Also built a couple of wooden boats when I was into that.
But never a TimberFrame.
My wife rolled over in bed a couple of nights ago, grumbled because of the Iphone's light waking here at 2 am and asked, "What are you doing?" Not very nicely either I must say.
"Learning about Podgers and Prickers." I told her. Her response was definitely not very nice to that either.
So if you all don't mind, Since it doesn't appear that she shares my enthusiam in this new endeavor, I'll continue reading all the back topics, following Youtube related content, and generally go the long way about building my first Timberframe boring you with the incessant questions.
Lenny Dickson in Bennington Vermont

5AUG2022 Plans and Foundation

My plans are purchased from Timberframe HQ. I'll follow them pretty closely but do have a few changes I wanted to ask the group if that's realistic or not.

I hired a local guy to do the concrete work. I wanted a quality foundation and Vermont has a code requirement of 5 ft frost walls and I wanted to build into a slope as a continuation of my 24x24 shop. A little more than I could get done by myself without concrete tooling (and knowledge). 



5AUG2022 Chain Mortiser ?

After reading through the past posts regarding Chain mortisers, I think I want one.
Leaning towards the Makita due to the following on here. 
Any recommendations on where to order one rather than just sending off for one through Amazon?
I try to support forum sponsors and "good people" rather than corporations as much as I can.
Thank you,

I got mine through TimberWolf tools, years ago.
I don't know how their price compares to Amazon. But they are the guys to go to for parts, such as chains, and such.

Jim Rogers

Don P:
After staring at the perspective with my head sideways  :D, are the common rafters big enough, or can they be made big enough to allow sliding the purlin uphill to over the web member? is the web already splayed to a 45? That eccentric loading is not great, especially in snow country.


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