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Needed: books on timber framing

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J Beyer:
What are some good book titles on "timber framing?


Anything by Jack Sobon is a good start.  There is one book by Ted Benson that has practical information on building.  Most of his books are full of nice pictures but not much useful info for a beginner like me.

I agree that Sobon is a great place to start.  The best book by Tedd Benson for a beginner would be:  (the title is something like...) "Building the timber frame home: Revival of a forgotten craft."  That book has a lot of info in it on how to cut most of the joinery in a basic timberframe.

I agree with Indylan and ohsoloco. Another pretty good book is by Steve Chappell called "A Timber Framers Workshop" He also has a website Another book that isn't to bad is"The Timber Framing Book" by Stewart Elliott and Eugenie Wallas.


greetings fellow book readers, i did not know anything about timber framing a few months ago so i read a book by steve chappell called "a timber framers workshop" and when i got all done reading it i felt like i needed to attend a workshop, then i read a book by jack sobon and roger schroeder called "timber frame construction" all about post and beam construction.  all i can say is jack sobon for president !!!  he gets right to it and i am allready to build and would highly recommend jack sobon book for anyone ! it answered all my questions that i had from the first book ! bought the sobon book through its in wisconsin somewhere, good luck everyone ! winter is a comin !!!!!!!! :P


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