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Milling some red oak in a week or so. My buddy is making some boxes using 1/4 inch thick stock.

He has been buying 3/4 stuff from lowes, then resawing with a bandsaw. Figured I'd try to mill some stuff thin enough for him to use without needing to worry about resawing.

Plan to quartersaw...

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Curious what any of you use to paint your tools and chains etc? Just hoping for some pointers on what is durable enough to stay on while taking a beating. Especially my choke chains.
Tired of dropping stuff and having a hard tome locating them again.

Hi guys.

Well, sanity check again. Are parts findable for these ones ?

Pricewise, it is at about 12900$, plus certainly 2000 shipping. Tires to change, i bet no chains. Read More

After a lot of fiddling I have managed to sharpen a 4 degree and a 9 degree blade with my BMST50. They are not perfect but they work. So, I tried to sharpen a 7/39 degree blade (Bi-Metal). After it eating my lunch for a while I finally called Woodmizer support. He said, "Ah, the bi-metal blade"....

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I inherited twin oaks ranch. Ashland Oregon.
I had to have the tree in front taken down today. The tree in back we lost about 15 years ago. Twin Oaks to no oaks :( It's over 500 years old and literally huge. I hoped to do something with this tree but I think no one can move it. Is it possible...

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