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Today's Exciting Delivery!



It's finally here!  8) After a long wait, our refurbished Wood-Mizer LT50 arrived today with a special delivery from the New York Wood-Mizer branch! We are looking forward to putting it to work! ;D ;D 

Congrats!!!  At least you knew that you would need a LOGRITE Peavey.  logrite_cool

Nice folks, sponsor link on the side.  :D

What's all the lumber going to be used for?  :D
I noticed that whack of logs behind ya.

We get logs and we had an arrangement with a local sawyer to cut it for pallet wood.  He is getting ready to retire and training his son to take over.  They have not been very reliable so it was time to do something different.

If a nice log comes into the yard we slab it on the LT15wide for tables.  But most of our logs become pallet wood or firewood.


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