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What's on my hickory?


Don P:
This seems to be moving up a mockernut in the front yard, it's browning out from bottom up. It seems to be a bunch of galls?


Maybe this

Don P:
Thanks BT, that looks like the critter, Hickory leaf stem gall aphid, Phylloxera caryaecaulis

Life lesson; don't leave hickory leaf gall aphid sample on the scanner overnight, that large leaf was covered in eggs and sticky honeydew. 

I've always wondered what critter cuts off the ends of hickory branches I see dropped on my woods roads? They look like (nearly) they were severed by a razor sharp knife in a circular motion (not squirrel like) and easily noticed as they'll have fresh green leaves on them. This happens about the same time squirrels begin cutting nuts.  


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