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What kind of tree is this?

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We had a large oak cut down, and the tree crew cut down this small tree/bush too, to make room for their trucks.  The tree is only 3' now. It grew from the stump. The stump is approx 1.5" in diameter.
I'll post more pictures below.




The leaves look big, because the tree's so small I guess, and because its a more mature tree than it looks -it was cut off an inch from ground.
The leaves are approx 1.75" x 1.25"

It could be wild raisin.

Texas Ranger:
Where are you?

Texas Ranger
I'm in Mint Hill, NC. Near Charlotte.

Swamp Donkey
It doesn't produce any flowers nor fruit.

I think this tree will be hard to ID, because like I told in the OP, what you all are looking at in the pictures are the sprouts from the stump --around 2 years of growth since it was cut down, from a trunk that's approx 1" from ground, and approx 1.5" in diameter.
There's another one just like it, that was cut off an inch from the ground at the same time. Maybe you guys will be able to tell more from the other one. See more pictures below.
In the first 2 pictures you can see the stump, then the new limbs sprouting out of it. Same picture, just one zoomed in to show stump.




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