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I come from a long line of Woodworkers

Started by Don P, January 15, 2024, 06:57:47 PM

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Don P

And so do you  :)

Researchers in 2019 dug up some preserved logs and wooden "tools". They have been dated as the current earliest known case of worked joinery, a pair of chopped, notched logs found in wet silt along a river in southeastern Africa. 476,000 years old  :o

This is the article in Nature;

Well you know what I'm skimming the article for. That's better than locust, what species  :D!
Combretum zeyheri, Bushwillow
And someone has already updated the entry on Wikipedia;

K. Africana, Kigelia
This one is more treelike, the most remarkable thing is the falling 15lb fruit can be lethal.

On our soil, they found stone tools on a site in eastern OR that was buried under ash from an eruption of Mt St Helens. That eruption was 15,000 years ago but they have since dated the finds to 18,000 years ago. Neat!


Quote from: Don P on January 15, 2024, 06:57:47 PMOn our soil, they found stone tools on a site in eastern OR that was buried under ash from an eruption of Mt St Helens. That eruption was 15,000 years ago

Wow - doesn't seem like it was that long ago, I still remember seeing it on the news.  :D
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Apparently there was more than one. :D :D
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I work with wood, There is a rumor I might be a woodworker.


Don do you have any info on the Eastern Oregon article? I'd love to read it as well!
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Depending on how you lived there might be a more developed craft of wood working. Here in the NE it was a nomadic life. There have never been much for structures found and not all that old because wood and hide rots out in the elements. On the west coast were they actually made solid buildings, there are still remnants of totems and buildings at traditional village sites. Many have been destroyed in conflicts with European settlers. Anything that was written down was likely destroyed in recent history, in an attempt to erase the culture and any knowledge they had. The Spanish are well known for it, you can bet they weren't the only ones doing it. A lot of times the native priests or shamans recorded the knowledge and were the educators. We are told some never had a written language or alphabet. It's more likely those people were killed off and written medium destroyed. Life can be brutal.
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