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Loose tang chisel handle

Started by Rylesmcmillin, February 27, 2024, 11:46:44 AM

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I have a 1 1/2" Sorby framing chisel that has developed an extremely loose handle. In the past when this has happened to me I've simply cut a bit off the bottom of the handle and the tapered tang fits tight again. Given the tang of Sorby chisels is straight this obviously isn't going to work. Before I go ahead and use some kind of adhesive I'd like to know if anyone has a more elegant solution that will let me remove the handle a little more easily in the future.


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No doubt the handle has gotten exponentially looses since it first started to move. Im sure it's just slowly worn out on the inside. That said Im curious as to where the issue started. Either in the handle or the tang it's self. The chisel is quite new, I'm about half way through cutting the frame for my house and it was new when I started. I have a 2inch sorry chisel as well that is the same age and probably seen a bit more use. The handle on it is just as tight as the day I got it.

Perhaps maybe I should grind a taper onto the tang and turn a new handle to match?

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