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Carbon Offset Programs - Interesting Article

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Walnut Beast:
Well its close to Halloween 🎃 😂

Walnut Beast:
Thats another problem are the contracts they want you to sign. Guarantee they will not let you out very easy once you sign. 

Walnut Beast:
Ive got the solar farm people calling today wanting me in. Now once you sign your in and on the land buying part they have a out on not buying. Now how fair is that!   On the land prices thread there was a parcel of land that was several million with a signed future solar contract on it. There will be plenty that definitely wont like that! Be careful before you sign some long term contract 

What happens if you're 100 miles from your ground and someone steels your timber and they figure you clearcut it yourself? :D

"Arranged timber thefts" might become a thing? :D

Here in KY,. esp. the coal counties, mineral rights and the old notorious broad form deeds can also involve timber rights.  Several of my wife's siblings bought some property that adjoined her Mom's land and then recently sold it having cut every stick of marketable timber off it then my BIL mandated that it be sold with he and two sisters keeping the mineral rights. I was surprised they sold it, as I'd never have done so, which is one reason I was adamant to stay out of the deal to begin with. Someone from CA bought it sight unseen, over the phone, for more than it originally brought with timber & mineral rights.


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