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Current Emerald Ash Borer Information.

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Please find attached the most current EAB Quarantine area map. You will need Acrobat Reader for this PDF file.

Update: Current Quarantine area info

You can obtain current EAB information packs by contacting Erin using the information below.

Erin N Stiers
PPQ Officer -  Emerald Ash Borer Project

1422 West Chicago Blvd
Tecumseh, Michigan 49286
Office: 810.844.2780
Cell: 734.732.0026
Fax: 517.423.6453

There have also been 21 people caught and fined for taking firewood from Essex County, Ontario where the quarentine area is isolated in Canada.

Canada Food Inspection Agency Info on the emerald ash borer

One thing I learned new today, and it makes lots of sense. Its not just ash firewood that is quarantined, its ALL firewood. The average person can't tell the difference from ash and other species and law enforcement certainly should not have to pick through a whole load of firewood looking for sticks of ash. So, ALL firewood!

Yip, that's the way I'de handle it too.


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