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Foliar Herbicide w/ Vines

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I have a lot of vines (grape, poison ivy, Virginia creeper) that are climbing the trees that I manage. I'd like to remove many of them, for TSI, nuisance, and aesthetic reasons. Ive cut them in the past and treated the cut stem. Some apparently I didnt treat, or at least not effectively, and many are coming back.

Many of the vines are short (waist or chest high), and im considering spraying them with glyphosate, mixed at the recommended rate for foliar application (2-3%). The overspray is going to be landing on the trunks and bases of these trees that I dont want to damage, and also on the ground around the trees.

Is it safe to say that the herbicide wont damage the tree as long as it doesnt reach the leaf surfaces?

Walnut Beast:
Iím not a Forester but thatís what I would use. Arsenal or Remedy in a little spray bottle or cut them and spray or brush

John Mc:
What concentration did you use when treating cut stems?

Walnut Beast:
Switched over to sprayer setup in the General instead of trailer and itís way nicer. When Iím spraying in tall stuff I screw a 12í 2x 4 under that 4x4 on the back and  that lays the tall stuff over when your spraying. Had really good luck with Fimco sprayers for the money. Good company. If you run a boom you need the gold series pump thatís 4.5 gallons a minute. I could run a bigger tank but this size works fine. Was going to get a 4 k gas powered Enduraplus sprayer unit but these are tuff little units for the money.
 Arsenal is 6 + ounces per 2 1/2 gallons with splash of surfactant.
Remedy is 34 ounces per 25 gallons with 10 ounces of surfactant.
Arsenal is safe to spray around the water by ponds or waterways.


--- Quote from: John Mc on September 14, 2022, 10:33:06 PM ---What concentration did you use when treating cut stems?

--- End quote ---
20 or 25% glyphosate, mainly on the grape vines. The creeper and poison ivy vines are so small and tight to the tree that its a PITA to cut and treat. thats why I'm wondering about just spraying the leaves. I was just hoping to get confirmation that the overspray on the host tree's trunk wouldn't damage it.


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