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Opinion on damaged white oak.

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Aep cut a road thru my property to access the transmission line. They skinned the bark off on a spot on this white oak with the dozer blade. I want your guys opinion of will the damage affect the value of the log when ready to harvest. Ill add the picture. 


doc henderson:
It may form a scar.  how many years to harvest.  nothing that cannot be worked around in the near future.  i assume the tree is standing and the bark injury is "above" the yellow tape.  you can rotate the pic by clicking the turn arrow before adding.  if you want to you can modify, take out this pic and re-post.  Or we can figure it out and tip our heads.   :)

Yes that will cause a scar that will drop the grade on that face of the log.

Sorry here is the picture turned the correct way. How would you guy approach this. My agreement says the pay for all damages including trees. They had there forester look at it and he said that longevity wise it will be fine. I would have to measure it to get a accurate size, but I couldnt get my arms around it to tie the tape. They agreed to pay for the other tree they destroyed, but not this one. 


Probably best you will get, unless you hire someone to represent you and file a formal complaint. Put a value on what you expect the loss to be for the one tree lowered by one grade (as it is in one face of the four used to grad a log). You can estimate, using the Forum toolbox, what the bdft volume is of the butt log and find some prices per bdft by grade to compare what you would lose. Probably not much, but it would be a good exercise for you and this forum to see the results of your calculations. Likely they have their butt covered in their agreement with you. 


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