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I've got something for you guys. I started to design a screensaver for MFRA last year, but the director left, and the project stalled. I did get a real good draft done, which maybe if I get permission from MFRA to use the images from thier Forests Forever Video for us, I will change it to a Forestry Forum screensaver. I used several programs including flash to make it. And a program called flash jester to make it into a Screensaver file.

My idea  was for MFRA to be able to give it away. It would only have cost $100 dollars to register it to freely distribute. I think it's pretty good, but needs just a little polish.

I am really not supposed to distribute it until registered, but I am doing this to find out if ya'll think it's worth while.

Download it and let me know what you all think.
You can use properties to turn off the sounds if they bother you. (Waterfall, loons, other birds)

I like it! Nice work Jeff.
I've got a new screensaver

Thanks for the preview

L. Wakefield:
  Lovely work. I well recognized the tweeting bird as the one from the leavematch game. Am I right?
  You need loons. The calling is wonderful. You need loons with a foggy lake, or a lake with a rising moon. I wish I could send them to you. Maybe I will get a digital camera before too long.  lw

Hey, that's a good idea LW.  If we all sent pictures of things from our neck of the woods that we thought were pretty, to Jeff, maybe he could use them for a National version of the screen saver for the Forestry Forum.  That would give him something to do in his spare time.  :D :D

I like it, I put as my screensaver right away.

Thinks for showing to use first, it almost made me cry :'( almost!!!!!!!! :D


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