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Started by brownd, May 21, 2024, 03:49:24 PM

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This is my first post on the forum, but I have been relying on it for months now to answer questions I've had when planning and building my first ever timber frame. I raised the frame last weekend. I just wanted to say thank you all who take the time to share your experiences and insights with all of us. Perhaps now that I've had some experiences of my own, I can begin to contribute to the forum.

The frame is planed white pine. All joinery accomplished with Millers Falls boring machine and hand saw. Oak pegs were purchased. The timbers have two coats of Heritage Natural Finishes exterior oil.

The structure is a free standing 14' x 20' shed roof pavilion that rests on four 24"-diameter concrete piers below the surface of a composite deck. Cutting it was an absolute joy. I started in early April and worked on it when I had time between my real job and family things. I used square rule on most of it, but had to snap lines on a few timbers that weren't square or straight enough.

Assembling and raising it was also an absolute joy. I rented a material lift to raise the bents and then had a couple extra hands available to make the work go a little quicker. The frame was all together in about 8 hours. The roof goes on this Memorial Day weekend, weather permitting.

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