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Bangor (Nova Scotia) Sawmill Museum Fire

Started by Hilltop366, June 10, 2024, 06:13:43 PM

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A local sawmill museum burned down a few nights ago, it is about 30 min drive from my home. I had stopped by a few times but not when it was running....always meant to go back when it was running... sadly too late now.

Bangor mill fire

A few pictures I took in 2017

Don P

What a shame, I hate seeing old water powered mills disappear. In the pic of the turbine there is an insert wooden toothed mortise gear up top in the drivetrain. We were talking about those in another thread not long ago.

Ah! look at the ratios between the turbine's gear train and the set in the bottom picture. That is a large mortise wheel, missing the wooden teeth, driving the small iron output gear. I'd bet that was the geartrain from when that mill had a slower turning waterwheel. Around here many switched around WWI-ish. The one I worked on switched to a steel overshot about then but probably wisely did not switch to a turbine on its creek.


So sad when such a great piece of our history is lost. Pictures, movies, videos and the writen word are great, but don't come close to witnessing da real thing.
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What a shame. Those old mills are incredibly impressive. Whenever I get around them can't help but think of the people that built them and worked there. Certainly a hardworking crafty batch. 

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