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I'm not involved in forestry but I have a general question about circular saws: why are circular blades always fully solid? Wouldn't holes reduce weight? I'm thinking of holes between "spokes", like on old reel-to-reel tape recorder spools. I get it's not worth the extra machining on small discs, but on very big lumberyard circular saws, the removed weight would be significant. Is there a reason it's never done?Read More

How long should the brushes last
Changed them about 4 or 500 hours ago and had to change them again today in the middle of an order .

I have been wanting to add this to my mill for some time and finally pulled the trigger. Placed the order on 6/26 and I was surprised today when it was delivered. Only 12 days from Lithuania so not too bad.
I'm not sure when I will get it installed because I have some sawing jobs coming up.

Was curious to see if anyone had ordered one of these for their Woodland bandsaw mill and how long ago, and if you've gotten it yet

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I recently posted about installing a Lubemizer on my LT40 and running diesel for lube. I still believe I made the right decision to install it, but I'm having one heck of a time dealing with leaks and drips. It started leaking at the spray nozzle after 2-3 days so I installed an in-line shut off...

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