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I gave blood!

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doc henderson:
thought we could suggest or facilitate our great members donating blood.  let us know when you give, or feel free to ask questions.  a side benefit, is you will find out if you have covid antibodies.  and now if you use the app, you will bet info on what you blood was used for.  

Schedule Your Blood Donation With The Red Cross

I haven't given blood in many years. When I last gave I was up to 3 gallons. That was back in the 80's I believe. I have been thinking about giving again but there is no place close by to do so. The link you posted gave a location right here at home mid March. I'm signed up. Thanks for the link.

And here I thought this was going to be a post involving a sawmill "incident". :o

Seems the only blood drives around here are not until april

My wife is a phlebotomist and just started working for a blood collection company.  Covid has put collection numbers critically low.  I didnt know this but apparently your donation record offsets your cost if you ever need future transfusion.  She rattles off the stats on what your donation can do and it really is impressive how many can be saved by your contribution.  

I gave a lot at smith and wesson and then started giving platelets for a few years.. Until i dated one of the girls there and she was a psycho i didnt care to see again! Back then it was a needle in each arm for 2 hours and no scratching your itchy face.  Wife says theyve got it down to a one arm system now.  Ive got to go again soon.


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