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Continual post treatment?

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Have any of you ever tried or heard of attempts to refreshen the treatments on below grade posts and piles by pre drilling small holes in order to inject continual future treatments?   

Im thinking one central axis bore hole and several crossdrillings that intersect it like oil feed galleys in a block.  1/4" diameter or so. Then plug the below grade holes with asphalt so whatever is put in the above grade "filler hole" doesnt leach out to the soil. 

I dont know all the details but im getting pretty good at composting wood quickly.  So my little curious brain reckons preserving wood must be the opposite right?  I figure rot is a case of microbes, mushrooms, fungus, bacteria or insect damage and they can all be prevented with altering the pallatability of wood for those various things.  Change the moisture content, change the PH.. Saturate it in poison etc etc.  

If small bore holes were in place treatments could be periodically refreshed, right?  Anyone heard of such a practice?

Interesting concept. 

Im thinking vinegar.  Fungus/mold and some bacteria, and ants die in it. 


I believe that was done with telephone poles in the past. I think there is a post or two about it on here somewhere.

Don P:
Yup google remedial utility pole treatment. One report on borates is from the USFPL there are many... many others. One interesting concept is the post protectors with borate, it breaks the connection to the boron "sink" provided by the soil.


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