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I'm finally getting ready to run the 60" circle saw I walked away from 35+ yrs. ago and which is now set up at my place. Pretty much done fixing except chip blower for 3 blade edger. They want $250 (before tax) for the v-belt pulley I need. I have a nice lathe, I'll make it myself before I pay that much.
    Anyway, I need some new teeth/shanks before I start sawing. My edger shanks say Simonds F-10. The 60" circle saw shanks say Atkin D-7. I did notice that the root of the tooth (where it locks into the shank) look identical and switchable.
    I looked on the Menominee site but failed to find either the Atkin D-7 or Simonds F-10. Any suggestions?

Call em! They can help.

Got in today too late to call them. Will call them first thing in the AM. I'm just a little nervous that I might have one of those saws you can't get teeth for anymore.

Ron Wenrich:
If I recall, my teeth box had BFD on the end, which meant it fit the B, F & D pattern saws.  I had used both a B and a F pattern saw, so you should be able to still get the D shanks. 

The Atkins and Simonds are the makers of the shank.  The 7 and 10 are the gauge.  I don't recognize the Atkins name.  Just about everything is Simonds these days.

It turns out that I can get the teeth and shanks for the edger but I can only get the teeth for the 60" saw. Phoned around and couldn't find the shanks. Found one friend (also has circle saw) who had spare teeth. Found another friend in town who has a 60" circle saw hung as entry sign. It has the original shanks and teeth and they match mine. Now I got to talk him out of  six (and maybe a few extras) shanks and I'm ready to saw.


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