Raised Bed Gardening

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Got Inspired by some pictures of gardening using raised beds. :)   I think Jeff posted them last season.  Our soil here in South Florida is sugar sand and all though may grow some vegetables, I opted to haul some Top soil from a Nursery.  The wood has been in the garage taking up space for long enough and time to put it to use.   I am figuring our season is best now until June.  It is too hot past June.  Seem to have got some good seed with great germination percentages. :)
My next project is to screen them in to protect from bugs, snakes and heavy rain(if it ever rains again ::))   
Posted a 2 minute video on youtube instead of pictures. ;D

Thanks for posting movies instead of pics, Glenn.  Now I won't have to look at them. ;) ;D :D :D :D

That topsoil will help a lot.  I've grown some really nice gardens in sugar sand, by adding oak leaves to it...bunches and bunches of oak leaves.  Just cruise the neighborhoods and pick'em up by the bagfull.  Start by using them for mulch around your plants, then dig more of them in during the off-season.  You will soon have soil that you wouldn't have believed possible.


That is quite the ambitious project.  If I was a plant, I would want to grow in that soil!  Keep us posted on the progress and the tastiness ;D.

Thanks.  cool video.

Need updates every week. ;D

Looks like you might have to do some thinning to reduce your basal area

as WDH would say :D ;D ;D




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