Raised Bed Gardening

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Nice looking beds!  This year we're looking for a haywagon to use for our raised beds.  We put pole beans to grow up the deck rails.

We're gonna need at least bi-weekly updates! 

Beans sure do grow fast. :D
DanG, you sure people ain't gonna mind me stopping by to rake up their leaves? :D

Got a Fire Ant problem already in the center bed.  Gotta be careful how this'il play out.
They tore me up when I stepped on some of the little rascals while weed wacking. :(
My ankles aren't very purty right now. >:(

I put some of them poison sugar drops on pieces of cardboard.  They all gather around the drops like cattle.
Fire Ants need to die!  This is War.

We have 4 raised beds in our garden now and hope to add more as time goes by. We find them much easier to work all the way from planting, weeding and harvesting. My plan is to someday have all the vegetables except sweet corn, potatoes and the big vines like winter squash & pumpkins grown in raised beds.

Nice video, Moose!  ;)

Fire Ants need to die!  This is War.
[/quote]  :D.   :D.    :D.

Thanks Patty.  My wife picked up another load of Top soil for the 4th bed.
Guess what I'll be doing later. :D
Waiting till dark because it is too hot. ::)


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