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How did your morning go?

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I just love Fridays. Especially when I know I am going to bug out about 9 am. But Fridays like this one I could do without. I could also do with out loggers who think that they need to send me wrapped presents on the last day of November

Here is present number 3 of 5. Lets just say I spent most of my morning standing next to the saw instead of cutting lumber.

Ceramic fence insulator.

 I can surely relate to all of that.  I finally bought a Rens metal detecter and solved 99% of the problem.  the log owners get to pay for down time at $55.00 per hour and the teeth that need replacing.  they learn this up front before any cutting occurs.  I have refused cutting for people where there is a chance of hitting such objects.  Better luck in the future. :-[

Our mill runs around 30,000 ft a day and a log like those containing the insulators are processed in under a minute.

So any metal detecting system would have to be a whole log automatic scan. The time taken to detect each log for metal would be far more expensive then the normal amount of tramp metal events that occur cost us.

Welcome to the forum tanglewood, I remember when you joined a little while back. thanks for the post and the info for custom sawyers!

So Jeff, you want to know how my Friday morning went. Are you sure? Well.....let me see if I can remember. ???  I got up at 5:00 a.m. and headed for work at 6:00 a.m.  I got there about 6:30 a.m. and turned on my computer. After it booted up I checked some reports to make sure there wasn't any major order problems, but found one. An order had set up with too many conversions, so I was going to have to manually fix it using an update program (we call it a SPUFI) once I figured out what needed to be done. But before I did that I walked over and badgered a guy into buying me a cup of coffee. Then we sat and B.S.'d for about an hour. I then went back and fixed the problem order. The phone rang but I knew that it was someone with a problem, so I didn't answer it. Instead I went and bought myself and another guy a cup of coffee and we talked football for about an hour. After that I went back to my desk and sure enough there was a message on my phone, but I didn't pick it up 'cause I knew it was a problem and that I would have to do some work and it was almost lunch time. So I walked over to the office next door and talked about woodworking 'til it was time to go to lunch. ;D   Of course this is a fantasy but I'm hoping you were believing it. :o  Actually, out of my department, there was only 2 of us there 'cause the rest took vacation. I was swamped trying to resolve peoples order problems and correct records and answer questions. I had a line of people at my door once during the morning. Wish I had one of those "take a number" machines. ;D ;D

I went into the office on Friday thinking I might get to leave early that day  :D.  Spent the morning on the phone to landowners that are worried about ordering trees and trying to set up some appointments for next week.  Finished up a windbreak design and headed over to a meeting.  Meeting lasted longer than expected and I skipped lunch.  Drove across a few counties checking site prep for planting sights next year.  Got back to the office about 6:30.  Since we don't get overtime, I seem to "donate" a few extra hours here and there.

I spend enough time during the week posting here to get them back, though. ;)


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