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Just thought that someone in Fl Ga might be interested in this Item I saw on Ebay..

No Affiliations with this just passing it along.


Those kinds of rigs are ok for the sun belt but not here in Western Oregon.  Our sunshine is often in the form of liquid. :'(  But if we did not have the liquid kind then we would not have all those nice Douglas Fir and Grand Fir trees. :D 8)

yep.  As they say up here;  "It's a rainforest, it rains in a rainforest"  DanG 'em anyway.


Bud Man:
Hey Bruce--- It's a blue bird day here. " Hush Your Mouth I'm From The South"--60 Degrees F., Yard full of Robins, Willows a poppin , Maples a blooming, and the ducks are looking @ each other with a gleaming eye.  "Eat Your Heart Out - Yank's"

You sure this is the way you want to go Bud Man?  OK, if that's the way you want it...

It's forty degrees here, and no self-respecting robin would be caught withing a thousand miles of here.  But the seagulls and the couple three eagles that decided to stay the winter make up for the bird stuff.  The rain has let up for a few minutes and I can see the snow falling on the tops of the mountains around me.  And since the wind is calm the ocean channel out the front door is nice and flat.  Maybe I'll go for a boat ride.  Naw, I got to figure out what I'm gonna do for dinner.  Hmm, maybe I should grill up a coulple of pounds of Halibut,  or maybe some shrimp.  I do still have that King salmon in the freezer at work.  No, wait a minute.  We're having Elk out at the Rod & Gun club tonight.  That's right.

I don't think I'll be eating my heart Reb,  I'll stick with elk.  It tastes better.


Ps.  If anybody offers you seal meat, DON'T take it.  Tell them you've got plenty of shoe leather to chew on already.


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