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Here is a neat site that I found interesting regarding investigations of logging accidents in B.C.

I found it interesting to note how many similar situations
I have been in and was lucky...

Woodhog .... Thanks for that info.....adds new meaning to the words "dangerous occupation" :o

I read most of them and most are things that "just happened" from lacking of training, lack of foresight, or from working with others. But, the stupidest one has to be the jackpot guy.

That one went from bad to worse. Setting the brakes while the truck was being unloaded?? He also gets a Darwin Award.
I used to see these reports at work all the time and unfortunately knew some of the people involved. Usually the victim was focused on the job at hand and did not take in the big picture

I'm going to bookmark this link.  The thing that makes these most sobering for me is the stats at the top of the page with age and experience.  It makes these somehow more tangible--they were real guys, not just a hypothetical case.  Most of those guys were people with a lot of experience, and it just shows sometimes how anything that we do for very long we can take for granted.  Working with wood, either logging, milling or woodworking is inherently dangerous.  Sometimes, it's the expert and experienced guy who does the most reckless things, simply because they're experienced, and assume something bad isn't going to happen to him.   :(


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