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Organizing photos in my Gallery

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I would like to organize the photos in my Gallery. Ive played around a bit trying to figure out how, but am not having any luck. 
One issue is that I always end up getting the message "server is unresponsive" so then I'm stuck. If I wouldnt get this message, maybe I could figure it out myself, but cant even get to that point...
Any help will be appreciated.

Might be having internet problems. 
I suppose you are seeing Home My Gallery, then the last one is My profile.
Click onto that, a drop will appear, then create/order my albums.
I have a bunch of different albums. It's just easier for me to find a certain picture.
I think this is right. I have not down loaded a picture for years.

I am not 100% sure but, I am pretty confident if you have linked images in your gallery and you move them or rename them then your linked images in your post will be broken. I would recommend you start new folders and organize more from this point on.

@jeff will be able to answer this question better.

Don P:
Correct, don't go "cleaning up" your gallery, your picture links will start breaking.

No, actually I think you can move a photo to a new album, as the photos are served by the database, and its an entry for the pic in the database, with the address. if someone wants to upload a photo, post it here, then move it to another album, to see if its still here to test it. 

Me, I'm going to bed. :)


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