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Just when I got used to...


I know, I know, The thing is I am trying to simplify the code for the forum to try and weed out any display problems that might be exclucing members from posting because of load times. I know that is why Timberbeast is not posting. He locks up. I don't know if it's my fault, but I am certainly willing to try to fix it if it is!!

Any complaints about the new look??

L. Wakefield:
   I totally love the new look- can't explain why it is, but it's kinda refreshing. I do a lot of my reading when I get home from work or on breaks between chores- it may be the colors- I will have to try it when I get to the point of killer fatigue (I get there often) and see if it keeps me at the screen for longer.   lw ;)

Geez... I might have to upgrade your member group. ThanX! I kinda like it too. It uses more of the screen, and the colors, Ithink are easier to look at.

Ron Scott:
Yes, I like it. Much easier on these old eyes.

Ron Wenrich:
A much cleaner look.  But, just when Rav gets to 2 stars, you go and change to trees.   :D


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