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Keeping Anti-Virus updated


Don P:
You're wall to wall and treetop tall in my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For those who are wondering, Jeff saved my machine yesterday. Being a cheapskate I hadn't updated my anti virus software and you guessed it...a worm crawled in. When I discovered it, there were 48 hours until it shut me down. I told Jeff I was going down. Enter MIGHTY WORMSLAYER JEFF, he hooks, plants,reels and is probably out ice fishing with the little bugger now. You guys really do walk on water! Thanks a million! Lesson learned, I will NEVER let my protection lapse again. YOU THE MAN!!

L. Wakefield:
   Meanwhile back at the ranch- I've been hit by something nasty that freezes my system 4 out of 5 times I turn it on. I occasionally finess past whatever-it-is.. I suspect a virus..may have to take some down time for a cure. If I do, I will come back with an arsenal of anti-virus stuff (which I know nothing about at present). >:(


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