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Seasoning Time and Burning Time For Wood Fire Oven

Started by 32vld, July 09, 2019, 10:48:20 AM

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Back story:

My son has a wood fire oven for pizza on his 1946 Chevrolet 2 ton 
rack truck (wish I could find another truck like it) and now has opened
a store front with a wood fired pizza oven as well.

I split and season his white oak for him. Shapes and sizes vary from a 
square 1"x1" to 3"x3"
rectangle 1"x2",\ to 2"x4"
wedge/pie shape 2-3" arc 3" radius to 1-1.5" arc 5" radius

I also split off the bark and burn that with other splitting waste in a campfire.

Moisture meter says it's ready to burn after one full year.
I now use a log splitter so hope to build up enough inventory to have a 2 year
season time for a margin of safety to prevent running out of wood or if ever
more season time is needed, or breaks in firewood production.

Question is optimum size to split the wood.
Larger pieces take longer to season.
They burn longer.
He needs to control the heat range of the oven between 800 to 850 F.

I do not know how critical the temperature for outside wood boilers is or
what temperatures they are operated at.

Any way I would appreciate your thoughts.


My thoughts are to kiln dry that wood. 
I am looking for shops like your son's in hope of selling them kiln dried wood. Proper moisture content, no bugs. Might be a little pricey but it would be consistant .
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