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Cooks Cat Claw Cam

Started by Joed, September 23, 2023, 12:32:29 PM

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 Hi guys, have a question about how Cooks engineers there cams.
I called Cooks on Thursday and talked a very nice lady, she said someone would call back in a few minutes, they must be busy. 
Here is my question, if you have let's say a 7 or 4 degree cam, where do you set the head angle? They must have a starting point of head angle when grinding the cam. Or do we adjust the head angle to match as best we can with the bolts.
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I have a Cat Claw but I don't understand your question. The cam is chosen to match the profile of the teeth on a band not the angle at which the teeth are sharpened. In other words if you have a Cook band you would select their cam to match the tooth profile for it. If you have a WM band you would select their cam for it. Regardless of the band you can sharpen the teeth to the appropriate angle for your mill and what you are sawing.
My system is 21 years old and the CatClaw came with only 12° and 15° choices. I added different angles by drilling extra holes to hold the pivoting grindstone in place. I would assume the newer CatClaws already have a wider choices of angles. If this is of any help I can send pics.

Check out this: Has anyone modified their CatClaw? in Sawmills and Milling (
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 The Cooks has to be adjusted for hook angle on the grinding head, regardless of what profile of cam you have installed.
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 <Joed- I can see where you might have this question.  I sharpen for others in my area which has given me the opportunity to collect a few cams to fit the various styles of bands out there.  I noticed that Cook's puts the degree angle on some of their cams and not on others.  I find that most customers do not really know what they have for bands as they will tell me what they think they have, but when I put the band on my CatClaw I will check each band by adjusting the advance arm so the stone just misses the vertical face of the tooth,  I set the potentiometer down on 2 so it slows down as it travels by the face of the tooth.  I then determine the angle it was previously ground to by comparing how the stone follows the tooth.  I have successfully sharpened bands at 4 and 7 degree's even though the cam says 8 degree's.  I think their labeling is a little deceptive as like others have said the cam profile has nothing to do with the pitch as far as I can>
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Thanks for your replies. 
I figured adjustments would have to be made.
This forum always has the answers.
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I also have a cat claw sharpener, and have noticed that if you change the cam the grind rock should be shaped to that specific cam,and blade . I have had a hard time sharpening Timberwolf blades. Every manufacturer has different profiles and hook angles. I only sharpen my own blades now and,  have mastered them. Iam running wm double hard blades. I Sharpen then all the same at 8 degrees.


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