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041 clutch

Started by Jim_Mc_Dade, September 07, 2008, 10:18:43 AM

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Hi, I have a Stihl 041 and the clutch linings have sluffed off/disiegrated.  My local parts places options are a new clutch $90+.  I don't want to put that much in an old saw.
Any one have luck in epoxing a lining material to get a few more seasons?


Good thought, never tried it. Alternatively, how mechanically inclined are you and how much time can you allocate towards changing the clutch yourself?  Given the age of the saw and the probability that it will be replaced in couple years; one thouhgt would be to order an after market replacement from say, Oregon, Arnold, etc... Just my .02 Andy.
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 Try ebay for good used parts. We bought a used 041 for $110.00 and I now have it down here. Only 35 years old  ::) ;D 8)

  Ed has my original, in Fl. It's 36 years old, and STIHL going strong.  ;D ;D
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Somebody on one of the forums relined a Stihl clutch .I can't remember which forum or who it was . However,a lining  is lining .Doesn't make any diff if it's on a brake or a clutch .

I think maybe Mc Master -Carr may in fact have something that would work with a little imagination .

Maybe a little off topic but I relined a  disc brake on a little 2 ton Case roller using lining salvaged from a Ford clutch.


Thanks guys for replying.  The clutch is off and I am using a spare from another 041.
Thanks for the tip on McMaster-carr, I never ran across them.  I willl give it a try.


Jim. I just bought a nice used one on ebay 2 weeks ago for my 041 - It was 17.99 plus 4.00 for mail.   If you search 'Stihl 041'   You'll get a few current auctions, but below that, all the sellers stores inventory is listed.  Mine had a broken spring for I don't know how long? But it caused one shoe to wear real crooked.  Stihl ran though!  8)
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