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Saw mill scrap

Started by nlrwrangler, July 18, 2011, 09:14:50 PM

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looking at buying a power unit and the guy is going to throw in the mill.  Now the mill is in pieces.  the track is rail road iron and is broken and bent.  The carriage is mostly there.  It has three head blocks I believe but only one dog and I have not seen the blade yet.  I would like to scrap the Rail road track but the local recyclers want a bill of sale or decommissioning papers from the rail road co that they track came from.  This mill has not run in 10 years and the owner is dead and he bought it from "someone."   Has anyone dealt with this or have any suggestions?

Here are a couple of pictures.  Any suggestions.   


Scrappers are crazy....You can tell its old and been out of use a long time.  I could sell it quicker than I could load it around here.
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No help here, but I would like to kwow how someone managed to get that kink in the rail.
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i would chop that iron up and mix it in with more prepared steel. if i was selling it. but then again they don't care what we sell down here.


personally, too bad you werent closer to here, id pick that rail track from you,   

put an ad on craigslist for the iron beams, give dimensions, and cut out the bent section.         i wish i could find some of that stuff, 2 pieces around 28-35 ft long   ;D


Chop into 4to 5 foot sections , take to the scrap yard .
Then send me one of them knees , it looks like a Frick and I could use one more.
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  I would like to scrap the Rail road track but the local recyclers want a bill of sale or decommissioning papers from the rail road co that they track came from. 

Thats because it is illegal to have "any" railroad stuff! Years ago they made it illegal to sell anything from the railroad,because people were stealing it off the tracks.Even the spikes are a no-no.  I know back in 1980 we had a sheet that showed all the smaller stuff people would pick up to sell for scrap,so we could recoginize them if brought in to the scrap yard.We were to call a phone # to have RR come get them.Yes I know their is lots of it around,but it "is" all illegal unless you have a release from the RR for it.
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Chase,does this mean you have two mills ? thats a good thing as you can mix and match to get one complete mill.Frank C.
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i know that i can go down to 2nd street in minneapolis and buy it from the scrap yards..


You would have no problem scrapping it on this side of North Carolina. Maybe call a couple different scrap yards?

paul case

those railrad rails would make a neat dead deck for your mill. dont get too hasty to  haul it off, you may wish you had it back. pc
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