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Is the 62hp cat diesel (Cat 3024) any good?? On 2003 an LT70.

Started by Headwaters, September 17, 2023, 07:37:15 PM

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I am new to the site but have been milling for eight years.  I run an LT40 and am thinking about upgrading to a an 2003 LT70 with the  62hp cat diesel (Cat 3024)with 1200hrs on it.  The mill looks to be in good condition and well cared for.   My question is, what has peoples experience been with this engine?  I have only heard a few things about some had head gasket issues, other run 10K hrs with little issue.  I know wm makes a out board bearing bracket that is supposed to help.  Not sure if this mill has one yet.  Other that that, I am not sure what to look for outside of the usual.  Thanks!


You would definitely want to do the bearing support and take care of the HG from the get go if it wasn't done. That is a great engine and mill. 

The up/down mast has an assist cylinder inside of it that may need replacing or rebuilding just due to the age. Aside from that you should be familiar with most things from running your 40. 
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I have same engine on my 2007 LT70. Super great engine. Only thing you need to do to it is change the head gasket to the newer style gasket if it still has the old style on it because there have been a lot of them that have blown the head gasket and ruin the engine before you know what's going on.  I actually just had mine changed last week. My mill had 5725 hours on it and the old gasket was not blown but I can run it now with peace of mind knowing it has the new style head gasket.  Gasket was only $55 plus tax from my local Puckett (Caterpillar dealer). Gasket made in Germany for Caterpillar.  And $510 to a local mechanic to change it out for me. Same gasket is $165 plus tax at local Perkins dealership.  Call Marty Parsons at Woodmizer in Pa. 814-259-3016 and ask him to send you spec sheet on valves set and head bolt torque. Marty has changed a lot of those gaskets out.  Great engine and will give you more power than any other engine on any of the Woodmizer mills. Love my LT70
2007 LT70 Remote Station 62hp cat.


I had to change out the lift assist cylinder's that Southside is talking about twice within the first 5 years that I had the mill but have not had to since. Mine has 3 cylinders in it. Even if one of them goes out you will have a noticeable difference in upward head travel speed. And like he said get the crankshaft support bearing kit and when you install it leave the new cover that they send you with it off of the mill. Reason is so you can always see the bearing and not forget to grease it ever so often 
2007 LT70 Remote Station 62hp cat.


Very good to know.  Thank you!  When you had the head gasket done, did you have to pull the engine off the mill or was your mechanic able to replace it with engine in place? 


2007 LT70 Remote Station 62hp cat.


Thanks to Marty for posting o

n this years ago. I started seeing carbon deposits under the oil filler cap . Mine failed on a lifter gallery so it was not skipping .There was so much carbon i had to use vice grips to get one push rod out. On that engine the 2 drain plugs are on two corners and above the bottom of the pan .There is no way to drain all the oil out and i knew there had to be sludge in the bottom . I had to pull the engine to remove the pan but it was worth it,lots of sludge. I welded a bung in the bottom of the pan so now when i change oil it all drains out.

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When I change my oil I run one side of my mill up on some blocks to set it way out of level and tilt the hitch end of the mill up so all the oil runs  out of that to high drain plug. If you get it all out it should take 10.3 quarts to fill it back up with filter change. 
2007 LT70 Remote Station 62hp cat.

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