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Got bit bad yesterday

Started by DocGP, December 29, 2021, 02:39:05 PM

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This is a PSA (personal stupidity announcement) I really didn't want to make, but it might help someone.  

Was hooking the LT 35 to the trailer hitch when it slid off the ball.  Well, in reflex I reached out to catch it (yeah, right) and that was a mistake.  My left index finger went into the hole for the height adjust pins.   Yup, bolt cutter.   Took off my finger at first joint.  

6 hrs in ER and got bandaged up and told to let it heal by second intention.

Freak deal.  In no way WM fault.  Just a moment of carelessness or freak accident, however you look at it.

Maybe someone can avoid something similar.

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Sorry to hear about your accident doc. We're they going to try to reattach at all?


No, unfortunately just gone.

Going to have to relearn the guitar and the Uke now!!!

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MX 5100 for the grunt work
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So sorry to hear and hope you heal quickly!  Maybe the stringed instruments can be mastered.  Thank you for the warning.  I won't look at those holes the same anymore.
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Anything can be mastered! I checked out this guys YouTube named “harmless farmer”, guy farms with NO ARMS, he does everything with his feet, I was watching a video of him change out a clutch in a tractor, amazing. He can pretty much do anything a normal person can do with their hands…


Wow man that sucks.. Real sorry to hear that. 
Praise The Lord

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   Sorry to hear that. I hope you heal as fast and as completely as possible under the circumstances.
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Oh jeez!  I'm sorry that happened.  Sometimes fast reflexes are a bad thing.  We do things before we have time to consider the consequences.  I often drop things and try to catch them with my feet.  I have saved many things from breaking that way, but one of these days I will drop something that will hurt my foot badly.
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Geez man, my stomach did a flip-flop when I read this. SO sorry. That is a freak break. Gonna be a while before you can fret those chords again, but you will get there. Ever hear of Django Reinhart? He did pretty good with a lot less.
 Heal fast!
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OK, maybe I'm the woodcutter now.
I work with wood, There is a rumor I might be a woodworker.


Yikes, sorry to hear this. 

Best wishes in healing up. 
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Yes, heal up quick.
Just never know what can go wrong.
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Oh man, so very sorry to hear of your accident,
Heal quickly!



Shoot that is bad luck, hardly dumb. sorry to hear it! Best of luck with your healing and adapting


Sorry to hear, hope it gets better soon.
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@DocGP   oh crap not your palpating hand is it. I use my right, as I was taught to use the non dominant hand. I'm a southpaw. That just really stinks very sorry to read this hope you heal fast.


Sorry Doc, I hope you heal quickly. 
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Sorry to hear this, Doc. Especially as a guitar player.
Too many irons in the fire


Oh man, I too absolutely cringed as you described it. Man, things you never think of.
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Sorry, Doc.  I hate that you lost your fingertip.  That kind of accident happens so fast.  I've had to look down at my fingers after some injuries to ensure they were still attached.  I hope that you heal well and adapt to your shorter finger.


Thanks everyone.  I appreciate it!!  

Yep, it was the palpation hand.  Will put a temporary pause on that.  Luckily my wife is covering my surgery for the time (vet also).

Like Calvin said about ole Hobbes one time, "He's got teeth on 5 out of 6 ends!!"  

A sawmill is similar!!

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Oh that stinks. Heal fast and Have a Happy New Year!


Man that is awful! Hope you heal well and quick. 
Quote from: barbender on December 29, 2021, 11:10:49 PM
Sorry to hear this, Doc. Especially as a guitar player.

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OUCH!  A cringe worthy story.  Hope your recovery is fast.


I cringed too, hope you heal fast.


Oh Wow, I hated to read about this.  I have heard folks say that what hurts the worst is what ain't there anymore. 

You do know that you will not be able to point as far with that finger now.  ::)
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