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Charging the refrigerant in a NYLE 200

Started by FeltzE, March 14, 2004, 02:38:04 PM

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I was considering checking the charge in my Nyle 200, Has anyone serviced their unit?

Can I use standard automotive guages? What should the pressure be?

FR 12 is no longer available can I use an alternate or does the charge need to be fully changed?

I am quite handy with most things around here but never worked A/C Is there any major pitfalls I may encounter?

The reason that I am concerned is that I just put about 900 feet of poplar in at 100 degrees and I am not getting as much of a trickle of water as I recall the last time I ran poplar and I don't run the kiln that much.



Look around you can still find R-12. I myself have about 500 lbs I wish I could sell one day. Left over from my days in the field. Changing your refrigerant can be trickey. You will have to also change the oil in the system. The newer refrigerants are not compatible with the older oils. Pressures will run pretty close to original if everything is ok. This topic has a lot of variables.

Yes you can use standard automotive guages if they are a full set not a Wal Mart special.

No you cannot mix refrigerants. Poaitively NO



I had my L-150 recharged last year.
I hired a pro to do the job.
I watched his every move and the job looked quite easy to do with the right equipment.  
But that's because he knew what he was doing  :D :D.

He said that these types of systems tend to develop leaks around the fittings and should be checked occassionally.

Sounds to me, your compressor has lost some of its charge.

Wish I could be more help.
WMLT40HDG35, Nyle L-150 DH Kiln, now all I need is some logs and someone to do the work :)


There are several alternatives to R12 but most refrigeration technicians have R12 available and if you only need a small amount, this makes sense. If you've had a bad leak, then you should go with one of the alternatives. We have had the best luck with R416a. It actually works a little better than R12 but most of the other alternatives don't performa quite as well. But it may be hard to find R416a in some areas and the technician may want you to buy a full drum. That would be expensive as you would be buying enough to do about 10 units. Call Nyle if you have any questions about this


I'll give Nyle a call, Actuallyt I have a friend that has a Airconditioning business, I hate to call only when I have a need for his service, but then again he was interested in seeing how things have changed on the sawmill front over the past cpl of years as he has a old circle saw up and running these days... maybe I can trade some kiln time to him.

As always thanks for the info.


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