Woodland mills hm126

Started by 60lp, December 22, 2013, 11:34:21 AM

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Hello I'd like first introduce myself I'm Bill long I live Here in Friendsville Tennessee I'm 25 miles south of Knoxville I'm looking for someone that is within a 150 mile radius of me that would be willing to let me come see their mill In operation I'm going to purchase one soon I would gladly appreciated even if someone would call me or text 865-805-1891 or email me johndeere60lp@yahoo.com thanks again GOD Bless and have a blessed day Bill H Long


Bill, it is really not a good idea to post your contact information in public like this as it can be gleaned from the website by scammers and spammers, but that is up to you. That is why we don't allow anyone to post someone else's contact information. People can leave a message on this topic or send you a personal message without your having to give up your privacy. Up to you. You have the ability to edit your post if you want.
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Randy from Tennessee with the Woodland mills HM126 would you please get in contact with please I have lot questions please