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Woodland Mills WC46 4″ PTO WOOD CHIPPER


Hello all, I want to get one of these things for my Kubota BX sub compact tractor. Anyone buy one and regret it? Their HQ is close to me and I have heard mostly good things about the company. Any tid-bits of information or advice would be great! Thanks.

Too late to offer you advice but your youtube film of the chipper on the forest road project decided me to get one.  So thanks for that.
Loving the forest road project...although how you have managed to maintain the correct number of toes and feet whilst cutting 3" brush with that huge saw is testament to your skill with it.
Maybe ask J for a 14" brushing chainsaw and a long pole saw for the trail side branches for Christmas....;o)
Also thanks for the ongoing BX front wheel deflation thread.  I now carry one of those 18v makita tyre inflators with me when I go down to the shed to fetch my BX of a morning.  I had assumed I had run over too many thorns but now I see it is a global phenomenon.
Best wishes


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