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Simple winch setup.


 I posted on my other thread but thought someone here might not see it. I figured Id try this setup and it worked great. I have to finalize the wiring but I think its gonna be good. The winch is only 2000lb. Pull from harbor freight I got free, its mounted 20 degrees down and the tubing which I already had is 1/8 wall. The ramps are 5x5 white oak. The log is 10-6 and 22 on the small end. 





Nice. I am making the same setup.  I suggest the next thing to do is make a Y with two cables to provide a more stable way to pull the log up the ramp.  A unbalanced log will jump off those ramps otherwise.

Sweet!  It looks like you slipped that over your log back stop?  Aren't you worried about bending that?  I would be!  Its nice how high your cable is but it doesn't need to be.  It just adds to the forces on your back stop. 

I would cut down your post so the cable just clears the far rail when going over the log at the bottom of the ramps.  That would reduce the bending moment on the back stop by 1/2 to 2/3.


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