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HM122 which engine ?


I am considering to buy a HM122, if I can get it shipped to the Yukon @ a reasonable rate. A key question is - which engine shall I go with? My logs mainly will be spruce around 15" and poplar maybe 20" max. Is it worthwhile to go with the bigger engine or will I just waste gasoline?  I will run the mill a few days a year only - if I need boards to fix up or enhance my cabin.

Get the biggest engine that you can.  

Welcome! I doubt if you will notice enough difference in fuel consumption to worry about, the larger engine won't have to work as hard. With infrequent use 91 octane is a must and add a fuel stabilizer to minimize headaches.

That's always the thinking.  I only need to make some small cuts.  Then one day you see something or someone gives you a big ol' hunk of wood that would make special boards and you will wish you had that extra 2.5 HP.

I have the 122 7hp.  I have not had any issues with the amount of power.  Keep the blades sharp and don't force it and it will cut anything you throw at it.


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