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Please tell me the good , the bad and the ugly on these skidders and what to look for , stuff like the 648 G up to say the 648H, I'm not buying new as I do not have Barge's deep pockets and I'm way to old to be sitting on that kind of a payment and how this market is , right now its pretty good but I'm sure thinking its going to die fast . I have had older 640's which I hated , 740's which were a good machine but very nose heavy and tons of 440's and 540's . I really liked the clark 666 with cummins in it and the timberjack 450 that we had but I want a machine with heat and A/C, we just did a month with everyday 100F plus and that heat kills me , I want the smaller width machines and remember I donot need to cut and skid 10 loads a week as I mostly just cut grade timber so I make what I think it pretty good money per load and I work by myself , let me know what your using and thoughts and thank you for telling me 

Iíve ran lots of skidders. And a lot of those were Deere. I loved the 648Glll. Then got in a 648H for a few years and that pulled harder. 848h even better. And there not much bigger really. The Hs have egr problems but it always ran. Just lacked power. Overall did nothing to that machine. I think it was about 12,000 hours when I left. The G series engine was junk at 9-11,000 hours. And that was in multiple Gllls on the job. Not just one lemon. Prior to the H series they had some with small rams on the arch. Like 1 1/2Ē I think. They bent. Switch them out to the bigger one like 2Ē I think. The hydraulic filter would blow off if it was cold. Otherwise minor problems. By far my favorite skidder. BUT only a torque converter! Direct drive suck. And if you want it to pull itís got to have enough tire. 30.5 were perfect. Very very stable and still has power. Spinin ainít winning. If you want narrow machine Your not going to pull hard. 

I'm pretty skidder illiterate- can you get Deeres in either direct drive or torque converter?

Only 648 and 848. 548 and 748s are only direct drive. 

Keep the heater blower motor off high. The relay will over heat. Sticks will go up in and make you think the winch broke. Bolts will I occasionally brake that hold the axles on. And the throttle pedal and the e brake switch will give you trouble eventually. And the shifter. Typical electric junk. And before I hear about how good a direct drive trans is Iím going to tell you why. Steep hill with a drag the TC will slowly pull and work the load up. The direct drive will either spin or stall. Push a truck out with a direct drive and your banging on the truck spinning or stalling. And no the TC is not problematic. Been in bought used and bought new TC 648s/848s and with normal filter fluid change they never had a drive train problem. I canít even remember a u joint change. 


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