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Grandson shot a bear -video added!!

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I just came in from dragging a bear out of the bog!!!
Probably 120 pounds, a dry sow.
First that has ever been shot at The Farm!!!! My Father hunted this land his whole life and never saw a bear. All that he did was farm and hunt right up until about 40 years old, than he got married.
A you tube is coming in the next few days.

Congratulations. Hope the Ford helped get that bear in. 

I shot one bear, ate the whole thing, then decided I would never do that again. 

I have a truck road that goes to the bog. I suppose you could drive a truck across the bog too. Holds up a forwarder with a load of logs. But anyways, back to the bear, only had to drag it about 150 feet. He shot it in the bog. I was sinking in walking in. Keep the tractor away from that area. Did not need it anyways. I drove the truck down and was going to get the tractor, if it was needed. Hunter grabbed one leg, I grabbed the other and off we went. The Old Man had to stop about 4-5 times, but we made it.

Really looking forward to the video Ray!


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